This is the main page of my blog. I am computer science student from Romania with a passion for open source software.

My hope is that the articles I write will be useful to you. I want to write interesting posts on digital tech, life philosophy and anything else that comes to my mind.

Schedule: I try to write a new blog post every week.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own.


  • The Advantages of Being Calm

    The modern world provides us with the information we need at our fingertips, and we are more connected than ever. But our busy schedules, constant notifications and the fear of missing out brought along stress. This eats us from inside, and the worst part is we realize how affected we are by it when it’s too late, after having already lost a lot of time.

    I wrote this post to reflect on how stress was affecting me and how I learned to be more carefree and enjoy life. I hope that others will draw upon my experiences and learn not to worry so much.

  • How to Become an Open Source Developer

    Do you want to be an open source software developer? To send pull requests and solve issues or review code on GitHub? Are you looking to add some practical experience to your CV while writing code for the benefit of all? Then I can help you get started. And the best part about open source development is the community you become a part of.

    This article describes how to choose the projects you contribute to, how to start contributing and how to become an active developer.

  • How to Learn Japanese Online

    日本語はすごい!This blog post describes the freely-available resources I consider to be the most helpful when learning Japanese. Each site comes with a description, detailing how long should you stick with it and when it’s the time to move to the next one.

  • The Value of Humility

    A few months ago, I went to a tech evening about building scalable products. The welcome speech was delivered by Daniel Dines, CEO and founder of UiPath.

    Daniel presented a short bit of his life story: how he started as a programmer in Romania, the path to becoming a programmer for Microsoft, and how he came up with the idea for his startup. While I will not bore you with the details of his talk (you can find a full recording here), there is one key idea which sticked with me: how important it is to be humble.

  • Organize Your Life With Online Tools

    Feel like you’re falling behind your daily schedule? Do you wish you had more hours in a day to have time to do what you like? In truth, each of us gets (more or less) the same amount of time to spend on Earth; it’s within our power to organize our life and try to spend as much of this time as we can doing something we care about.

    This post describes the free digital tools I use to organize my day-to-day and long-term plans. I believe in using the right tool for the right problem, and therefore I describe which applications I use and how they work together.

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